The sound of enchanting drums, the majestic reverberations, the beats of ecstasy, the rhythm abandon, the perfect taal, fast and complex yet elegant and captivating – these are some of the excellent comments that Gana has received for his performances both by critiques and admirers alike, globally.

Gana’s artistic talent with the mridangam started at a very young age of 5. His grandfather brought him a small mridangam and initiated him with an interest from which he never looked back. Starting his first beats at the Vani Institute in Bangalore, Gana gave his first performance in school. The young artiste was admired and encouraged by his parents and teachers. He then went on to accompany his sister Saraswathi on the veena and together they have performed at 100's of venues around the world.

As mridangam is all about beats and mathematics, Gana, who has a bachelors and masters in Engineering, has mastered this art naturally. Gana has been tutored by the world number 1 Mridangist Sri. Patri Satish"; Like Guru, Like Sishya, they have performed together in several occassions in the US. Given his passion to innovate and experiment, Gana also invents his own rythms and has played with different artistes along with English Drums, African Drums, Indian Drums and has performed as part of several impressive ensembles. He has equal mastery over Tabla and Khanjira. He is currently based out of Dallas, TX.